IT Solutions

1. Infrastructure Consulting and Integration Services

We are living in a highly competitive world which makes it critical for you to maintain a tight cost structure while also delivering the best quality service to your end customer. With increasing mission-critical applications and a desire for zero latency between information flows, a highly scalable, economical and secure IT Infrastructure is the need of the hour for organizations today. Mobility, cloud, social media and the explosion of information are fundamentally shifting the expectations and role of IT Infrastructure teams.

Today organizations are spending more than 60-70% cost on IT Infrastructure operations and the rest on growth and transformation. This is hindering the business growth as well the capability of organizations to perform in this dynamic business environment. Today organizations need to effectively plan, build and manage the infrastructure for increased efficiency, agility and business continuity.

Organizations are focusing on migration, consolidation, virtualization or a move to converged infrastructure but it is important for organizations to plan their IT Infrastructure strategy in alignment to the business goals and build a roadmap.

At Itelligent, we understand the importance of this strategy phase and have built our Infrastructure Consulting and Integration services to serve this need. Our Infrastructure Consulting offering consists of:

  • Infrastructure Strategy
  • Engineering Design
  • Technology Incubation/Proof of Concept/Pilot
  • Product Evaluation
  • RFP Consulting

2. Infrastructure Deployment

Itelligent will partner with you to manage your IT operations more effectively, with the highest return on investment.

Customers leverage our Enterprise of the Future (EOF) framework which helps establish, adopt and manage the complex and hybrid IT landscape of today’s enterprises, combining aspects of people, process and technology to deliver an enterprise of the future that is geared to overcome challenges across the following segments:

  • Next-generation data centers
  • Identity and access management
  • Integrated Infrastructure Solutions
  • Enterprise wide Storage Solutions

3. Managed Services

In the current competitive world, business enterprises face great challenges in scaling and managing their IT Infrastructure. To handle these challenges, we offer focused and efficient solutions in important infrastructure areas for developing and managing the organizational IT Infrastructure.

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