Integrated Security Management System  

Itelligent provides a Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software for integration and management disparate building and security technologies such as video surveillance, life critical systems, radar, analytics, HVAC, PIDS, GPS tracking and GIS mapping. Through aggregating intelligence from these systems. The Software PSIM allows organizations to react faster and more precisely to incidents.

The PSIM provides operators with real-time Situational Awareness through a Common Operating platform and following an alert, alarm or event presents step by step process guidance, ensuring complete compliance to security policies.

Enabling customers to manage measure and minimize exposure to security risk, PSIM is designed to ensure security processes and policies are implemented without technical restrictions. It addresses the need to rapidly change and adapt these security process and policies, especially when managing disparate security systems, sensors and devices.

To ensure a holistic security management system, PSIM delivers:

  • Comprehensive integration of systems (transparent to the end user).
  • Single view of events and incidents (via customized role-specific graphical user interfaces and dashboards).
  • Process-driven event management (via graphical workflow tools, response plans and customized alarm stack design).
  • Analysis, status and management information (built-in report designers to provide timely and effective reports and statistics on compliance to security policies).


CCTV Surveillance Solution 

Itelligent provides the comprehensive range of Security Solutions which includes the IP/Analogue Fixed, PTZ, Indoor, Outdoor and Thermal cameras.

Itelligent works with world renowned surveillance solutions provider and offer a comprehensive range of cameras and video management platforms. The proposed solution can integrate with all other security solutions like Access Control, Perimeter Detection, Fire Alarm and Building Management System.

Itelligent provides solutions ranging from mall DVR based solution for the buildings, and small premises to very large integrated NVR/ISMS solutions.


Access Control Solution

Itelligent’s Physical Access Control Solutions provide the most extensive line of powerful, versatile access control solution. The solution ranges from a very simple standalone solution to very complex integrated Card based and bio metric solution. The offered solutions ranges from frequency (125 kHz), high-frequency (13.56 MHz) and multi-technology solutions.


Perimeter Intrusion Detection Solution

Itelligent provides the latest digital signal processing and fibre optic technology that perimeter systems use has varied applications for a wide variety of industries.

Fence mounted and buried applications include protecting the perimeters of; power plants, industries, government offices, transport storage, army bases, VIP residences, prisons and highly sensitive areas.

Rapid Deployment Barrier Protection System (RDBPS) applications include the temporary protection of; construction sites, cargo at airports and high-value assets.     


Public Address System

The integrated Voice Evacuation and Public Address System is a mandatory requirements for all the buildings, industries, airports, ports and any other infrastructure projects.

Itelligent Technologies provide a comprehensive range of Public Address and Voice evacuation systems ranging from a normal Public Address System for small buildings and hotels to complex projects like Airport, Ports etc and also for industrial applications like refinery, offshore platforms etc.’

The proposed solutions ranges from normal analogue solution to Digital solution for complex installation and IP based system for back ground music etc.

Itelligent works with the world’s leading manufacturers of the PA/BGM and voice evacuation systems manufacturers.

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