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Audio Visual Systems

Itelligent provides Audio Visual System design and build services for Corporate Boardrooms, Classrooms, Sports Facilities,  Local and National Theaters and Cinema Halls, Convention Centers, Hotels and Commercial Towers, Venues and Concerts, etc.

We offer Design to Commissioning services for the following systems.

Control Rooms

The Control Room is responsible for a wide range of activities including remote room monitoring, systems control, video recording and asset management, control and distribution of digital signage, projection and multimedia presentations, delegate voting systems as well as speaker, voice reinforcement, microphone and other presentation audio arrangements.

Board Rooms / Auditorium

The Executive Boardroom will typically work in isolation from and in unison with other collaborative spaces, including offices, meeting rooms and client-facing spaces. Display screens, Specialist Presentation Audio, Audio and Video Conferencing Systems, Telepresence, Presentation and Projection systems form part of a solution that integrates multiple rooms, different technologies and systems and, most importantly people – those on site and those located across a global network of operations.

Classroom Solutions

Itelligent AV solutions for classrooms usually include high impact display and projection systems for Multimedia Teaching, Smartboards and Tablets for Interactive annotation and Mobile units to enable teaching spaces to share resources easily. Audio systems with a range of inputs from architectural speaker systems to distributed audio streams add to these future-proofed teaching environments and all are managed and automated with simple, intuitive control systems.

Stadiums / Arenas

Itelligent AV Solutions for Stadiums / Arenas is controlled with intelligent remote control solutions that manage power, audio and video sources, TV and multimedia distribution. All the time, these powerful systems are working hand-in-hand with other building-wide AV technologies, including audio and video conferencing, presentation audio, projection, large format displays and a vast array of input sources to keep everyone and everything securely integrated with Stadium / Arena operations.

Public Address Systems

PA System can be controlled from a central source or distribution hub that’s equipped with source, matrix routing, audio processing mainframes and AV management systems to distribute sound and voice evacuation to all zones and automate AV components as required.

BGM / FGM Systems

We design audio systems to deliver intuitive and crystal clear sound solutions that range from discreet, portable audio solutions to the most complex fixed installed audio systems for specialist auditorium, boardroom, restaurants, commercial and leisure facilities. They also include voice over IP and DSP audio processing, distribution and networking and whole building fixed music solutions.


We design video media over their own IP network for viewing on TV, AV display equipment and PCs. Our IPTV solutions deliver an incredible viewing experience with a superior picture and sound quality and include gateways, servers and boxes for a powerful presentation capability and unlimited, independent access to a world of broadcast channels.

Digital Signage / Way Finding

We design a wide range of energy-saving, integrated audio visual systems, including state-of-the-art digital signage systems that stream tailored, branded content and large format video walls arranged in imaginative layouts with touchscreen controls and showing a variety of multimedia presentations.

LED Display Solutions

Itelligent designed a series of Integrated Display Solutions for Malls, Hospitals, Showrooms, Stadiums / Arenas and Operational Centres, which include sophisticated display systems – from large format displays, integrated touchscreen digital displays to vast video walls that present real-time, multiple video and data feeds simultaneously, wherever they need to be seen.

Broadcasting Solutions

Itelligent AV Solutions for Professional Broadcasting Systems to provide world class media studios for distribution and streaming of live or on demand video material to audiences via the building’s own television networks.

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