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ICT  Systems

Itelligent integrate innovative ICT technologies to deliver enhanced business values to our clients. Today’s technology users are mobile. Our ICT solutions deliver robust and secured network experience to technology users, regardless of location.

We offer Design to Commissioning services for the following systems.

Active Network Systems

We at Itelligent Technologies understand that robust and secure network forms the backbone of all enterprises. We work with all major LAN & WAN OEMs to provide our clients with the most optimal solution to meet their business needs, ensuring that their businesses run smoothly.

Structured Cabling (ISP / OSP)

Itelligent provides the critical backbone of a communication system. We understand the complex issues involved in planning, installing and maintaining network communication systems with Structured Cabling ISP and OSP. With our expertise and experience, we provide our customers with the commitment that their telecommunications infrastructure, no matter how complex, will be designed, constructed, and installed to meet their current and future business needs.

Wireless Systems

Wireless coverage is growing, so are the attacks. We at Itelligent Technologies design highly secured wireless systems with multi-gigabit throughput performance to meet the requirement of all wireless users. Our indoor and outdoor wireless solutions include detailed site-surveys, inbuilt security mechanisms, choice from multiple OEM products, wireless mesh systems and much more.

Network Infrastructure Management Systems

We at Itelligent Technologies use the latest Network Infrastructure Management Tools to ensure that our client’s networks remain up and running – ensuring peace of mind for our clients.

Data Centers

All businesses depend on applications. The idea behind any network is to provide a smooth application experience for their users and clients. With our latest Data Center solutions, we at Itelligent Technologies provide the best application experience for our clients.

IP Telephony

IP Telephony has grown tremendously in the last few years. From office IP Telephone systems to Hospitality segment and stadiums, the extensive IP Telephony solution portfolio at Itelligent technologies cover all the verticals.

HSIA – High Speed Internet Access

We at Itelligent Technologies understand the impact of internet in everyday life, especially in hospitality segment. With our proven HSIA – High Speed Internet Access solutions, we enable the hospitality segment to provide unparalleled secure internet browsing experience for their clients.

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