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Special Systems

Itelligent’s wide-ranging Smart Technology Offerings for Critical Infrastructure covers Offshore Rigs, Ports, Command & Control Centers, Airports, Metros, Ship Building Facilities, Hospitals, Hotels, University Campus, Utility Tunnels, Stadiums and Malls.

We offer Design to Commissioning services for the following systems.

AVLS – Automatic Vehicle Location System

AVLS (Real-Time Location System) is a wireless radio frequency solution that continually monitors and reports real-time locations of tracked resources. AVLS is a positioning system that utilizes Wi-Fi rather than GPS to accurately pinpoint location. AVLS is quickly deployed using mesh networking technology and is easily configured and maintained. AVLS can be deployed on existing Wi-Fi networks. AVLS provides all the tools necessary to track people and assets.

Port Management Systems

We understand the specific requirements of Ports/CFS and Shipping Industry. We help them to plan and build a stable, robust, scalable and flexible IT and Telecom Infrastructure to reduce their cost of operations and increase the productivity.

Container Terminal Operating System

We design the Terminal Operating System (TOS) allows you to control the movement and storage of various types of cargo in and around a container terminal or port. The system enables you to make better use of your assets, labour and equipment, plan your workload and receive real-time information that enables cost-effective, improved decision making.

Incident Management System 

We Design the effective Incident Management System (IMS) transforms the effectiveness of incident command, control, communications and information management, helping Ports, Metro, Airports and Refineries make a quantum leap in service improvement, workforce safety and operational assurance.

Maritime Intrusion Detection System

We designed to provide solution for Coastal, Waterways and Underwater areas – that require a smart barrier to provide a total perimeter protection while having zero false alarms. We design the solution as a physical barrier to protect waterside perimeters from intruders such as speed boats, divers, floating explosive packages and other water based intruders.

GIS – Geographical Information System

We provides data services include Data conversion & migration, 3D database creation and maintenance and Photogrammetry and update geographic datasets for a variety of End Users.

Vehicle Booking System

We design the solution for Vehicle Booking System provides real-time Vehicle-handling equipment and Vehicle tracking/location information. It provides a real-time, accurate picture of the location and positioning of all Vehicles within the facility.

Seabed Sonar Mapping

We design the solution for Sonar System reliably detects, tracks and classifies divers and small underwater vehicles approaching a protected asset from any direction and alerts security personnel to the potential threat.

SCADA Systems

We specialize in providing SCADA solutions for oil & gas applications and Ports / Metro applications. We have expertise on various SCADA products and can design a SCADA solution fit for the application.

VTS – Vessel Traffic Management System

We design VTS solution, harbours of any size and on any location can benefit from automatic real-time traffic monitoring, warning and simulation features and broadcasting services that integrate seamlessly with the operator workstation.

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